CS11R – Confined Space Rescue Course

Course Aim:

This course is designed for those personnel involved in the rescue of a casualty or form part of the rescue team.  Therefore the aim of this course is to educate learners in a realistic high risk environment by preparing them to work safely; entering and exiting confined spaces safely; preparing to use applicable breathing apparatus; using rescue equipment; following procedures and dealing with emergencies. Those attending this course must be competent in working in high risk confined spaces environments and suitably qualified with the appropriate first aid skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The learner can demonstrate that they are able to:
  • Prepare to work safely in confined spaces under emergency conditions.
  • Enter and exit confined spaces safely.
  • Prepare and use breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Use rescue equipment safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Follow procedures and work safely.
  • Deal with emergencies.
  • Use appropriate behaviour for carrying out emergency rescue and recovery of casualties from confined spaces.

Course content includes:

  • Self Contained Open Circuit (SCOC) Breathing Apparatus.
  • Rescue equipment
  • First Aid for causality recovery / extraction
  • Search Procedures.
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Practical exercises

This course is assessed by:

  • Direct observation of a rescue in a confined space.
  • Practical application of rescue procedures using SCOC breathing apparatus.

Course Duration: 7 guided learning hours i.e. 1 day

Type of Certificate: Competence based, valid for 3 years

Min/Max Persons on Course: 6/8

The standards identified in Qualifications for Working in Confined Spaces: Water (6150) City & Guilds do not relate to a training course. However it is unlikely that without the appropriate training the relevant assessment would be achieved in this case 6150-05 applies. This course provides the required learning and assessment standards to allow those that require the qualification to be assessed when used in conjunction with successful completion of 6150-03.

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144
Email info@csts.co.uk