AW01 Abrasive Wheel Equipment

Course Aim:

Many occupations are involved in the extensive use of hand-held cutting-off/grinding power tools. The main injuries arising from the use of these tools are severe friction burns, lung disease and loss of eyesight. These types of hazards can cause ill health, ruin lives and affect businesses.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998(PUWER 98) requires employers to provide adequate training on all types of work equipment. There is also separate guidance for safety in use of abrasive wheels (HSG 17).

This course is suitable for people who are involved in using hand-held cutting-off/grinding machines and have the responsibility of changing (mounting) abrasive wheels.

It would also be suitable for those who act in a supervisory or management role and need to be aware of their responsibilities in relation to the use of equipment, which incorporate abrasive wheels /diamond blades. 

Course Objectives:

  • Define what an ‘Abrasive Wheel’ is.
  • Use the Abrasive wheel marking system (BS ISO 525/BS EN 12413) to select the correct disc for the work in hand.
  • Correctly inspect abrasive discs/diamond blades prior to use.
  • State the Regulations and HSG standards that apply to abrasive wheel equipment.
  • Correctly inspect and mount an abrasive disc. 

Course content includes:

  • Identifying hazards and risks arising from the use of abrasive discs /diamond blades and the precautions to be observed.
  • Methods of marking abrasive discs with their type, size and maximum operating speed.
  • How to handle, store and transport abrasive discs/diamond blades.
  • How to inspect and test an abrasive disc/diamond blade for damage.
  • The functions of all the components used with abrasive discs such as flanges, blotters, bushes, nuts etc;
  • The correct mounting of abrasive discs/diamond blades on hand held
  • How to work out peripheral speeds
  • The use of suitable personal protective equipment (e.g. eye protection).  

Course Duration: 4 hours contact time
Type of Certificate: Attendance - valid for 3 years
Accreditations: Not applicable
Max Persons on Course: 8 (as recommended by BAF)

Course Enquiry:

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