FM02 Fire Extinguisher / Fire Awareness

Course Aim:

Each year the fire brigades attend 35,000 fires in the workplace. These fires kill approximately 30 people and injure another 2000.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order often referred to as the RRO and other regulations require employers to take certain actions. These include a risk assessment, appointment of competent persons and fire safety arrangements.

This course is suitable for people who need to have an awareness of fire procedures but will not be involved in their planning or arrangement. They will understand what to do in the event of a fire and be able to use basic portable fire fighting equipment.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the causes of fires and measures designed to prevent fires occurring
  • Explain the basic principles of combustion and extinction
  • List the classification of fires
  • List the correct procedure to be carried out upon discovering a fire
  • Demonstrate the correct use of portable fire fighting equipment to extinguish a fire. 

Course content includes:

  • Fire statistics
  • Causes of fire and preventative measures
  • Triangle of combustion and extinction
  • Classification of fires
  • Fire action plan and assembly point
  • Fire extinguishers and their uses
  • Practical demonstration of extinguishers on a class B fire


Course Duration: 3.25 hours contact time i.e. 1/2 day
Type of Certificate: Attendance based, valid for 3 years
Accreditations: Not applicable
Min/Max Persons on Course: 6/12

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144