FP02 Working at Height – Harness Awareness

Course Aim:

Training to enable delegates to have a basic awareness of how to use full body, fall arrest harnesses. They will develop knowledge and skills to ensure that they become aware of the correct method of donning and adjusting full body harnesses.

The course is suitable for people who are relatively new to fall arrest equipment, and require a very basic understanding on how to use harnesses together with associated fall arrest equipment.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the effects of gravity and the dynamics of falling.
  • List the different parts of the harness that need inspection prior to use.
  • Demonstrate how to don and correctly adjust a full body harness.
  • Understand the effects of post suspension trauma.
  • Identify the key components that form part of fall arrest system. 
  • Course content includes:
  • Gravity, the dynamics of falling & the consequences of impacting the ground
  • Pre use checks, maintenance & storage
  • Correct donning & adjustment of harness
  • Trial suspension on both front & rear attachment points of a harness
  • Post suspension trauma
  • Energy absorbing lanyards – how they function
  • Connectors
  • Anchor points

Course Duration: 3.25 hours contact time i.e. 1/2 day
Type of Certificate: Attendance inc. practical, valid for 3 years
Accreditations: Not applicable
Min/Max Persons on Course: 6/12

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144
Email info@csts.co.uk