Unit 001 Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus

Course Aim:

This unit is required by construction/utility operatives and supervisors who, under the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, are required to demonstrate their competence in using cable and pipe location equipment.  

Operatives and Supervisors must be experienced and currently employed in working on Public Highways, as this unit is predominantly focuses on assessment.

Course Objectives:

  • Interpret plans showing the location of underground apparatus
  • Identify types of underground apparatus encountered during excavation
  • Identify risks of, and implications of, damage to underground apparatus
  • Use pipe and cable location equipment

Course content includes:

  • Surveying the work site to establish that the plans correspond with the site details
  • Understand symbols on plans and interpret them accurately
  • Checking that the information recorded on plans is easy to identify
  • Ensuring that information on supplied plans is applied correctly to the current site
  • Marking up the site clearly avoiding any ambiguity
  • Identifying the different types of underground utilities apparatus on site
  • Assessing the risk of damage to utilities apparatus on site and identify potential situations of risk
  • Identifying the potential implications of damage to utilities apparatus and ensure that contingency plans are in place in case the situation should arise
  • Selecting & check appropriate equipment is suitable to locate pipes and cables on site
  • Using the correct search procedure to locate the underground apparatus for a given site.
  • Interpreting the results of the search procedure for a given site
  • Comparing the search procedure results with the information on the site plans  
  • Adopting safe working practices when identifying underground apparatus
  • Providing sufficient underpinning knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.

Course Duration:  6.5 hours contact time i.e. one day [this unit can be run, if necessary, independently]

Type of Certificate:   Competence based, valid for ‘5’ years
Accreditations:   CGLI or CABWI or SCOTVEC

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144
Email info@csts.co.uk