Unit 004 Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials

Course Aim:

This unit is required by construction/utility operatives who, under the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, are required to demonstrate their competence in selecting excavated materials for re-use within the backfill layer and correctly compacting layers of material within the excavation.

Operatives must be experienced and currently employed in working on Public Highways, as this unit predominately focuses on assessment.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify different types of footway and carriageway
  • Select materials for backfill
  • Backfill excavation
  • Dispose of surplus materials

Course content includes:

  • Identifying the main types of footway and carriageway and their construction layers.
  • Adopting safe working practices, including the selection and use of personal protective equipment and use of plant equipment.
  • Identifying a range of backfill materials classes A, B, C, D and E. Field-testing materials for suitability and disposal.
  • Unloading and storing imported materials safely.
  • Construction of the backfill layer to the correct level.
  • Protecting underground services with fine fill material and using appropriate methods of compaction.
  • Disposal of any unsuitable materials safely.
  • Keeping the site clean and safe.
  • Provide sufficient underpinning knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.

Course Duration: 6.5 hours contact time i.e. one day [for very experienced operatives]
[Note: this unit is normally run in combination with other units]
Type of Certificate: Competence based, valid for ‘5’ years
Accreditations: CGLI or CABWI or SCOTVEC

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144
Email info@csts.co.uk