Unit 010 Monitoring Signing, Lighting and Guarding

Course Aim:

This unit is required by construction/utility supervisors who, under the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, are required to demonstrate their competence in monitoring operatives setting out Signing, Lighting & Guarding equipment on public highways.

Supervisors must be experienced and currently employed in working on Public Highways, as this unit predominately focuses on assessment.

Course Objectives:

  • Use the streetworks Code of Practice
  • Monitor operatives to ensure a safe system of work is being used to position SLG equipment
  • Survey the work site to establish the range of SLG equipment required
  • Monitor operatives to ensure pedestrians, vehicular traffic and site personnel are being protected.
  • Commission and decommission portable traffic signals

Content :

  • Carrying out site surveys to determine requirements for the site location
  • Providing safe passage for pedestrians
  • Minimising disruption and ensuring the safety of vehicular traffic
  • Making provision for ‘special needs’
  • Assessing the size of ‘working space’ necessary for all plant and equipment
  • Carrying out on-site risk assessment and establish a safe system of working
  • Selection and use of PPE
  • Setting-up temporary footways, traffic lanes and safety zones
  • Checking equipment is fit for use
  • Accurately positioning SLG equipment on site
  • Removing SLG equipment following a safe system of work
  • Inspecting and testing portable traffic signals
  • Correctly positioning signals at the site location
  • Correctly commissioning and de-commissioning signals
  • Correctly adjusting signal controls to suit varying traffic conditions
  • Adopting safe working practices
  • Provide sufficient underpinning knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.

Course Duration:  6.5 hours contact time i.e. one day [for very experienced operatives]
13 hours contact time i.e. two days [for inexperienced operatives]
[This unit can be run, if necessary independently of other units]
Type of Certificate:   Competence based, valid for ‘5’ years
Accreditations:   CGLI or CABWI or SCOTVEC

Course Enquiry:

Call 01925 244 144
Email info@csts.co.uk