Unit 014 Monitoring reinstatement of bituminous materials

Course Aim:

This unit is required by construction/utility supervisors who, under the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, are required to demonstrate their competence in monitoring operatives constructing surfacing layers in cold-lay and hot-lay bituminous materials.

Supervisors must be experienced and currently employed in working on Public Highways, as this unit predominately focuses on assessment.

Course Objectives:

  • Monitor the selection of bituminous materials for use in flexible carriageway and footway reinstatement.
  • Monitor the selection of plant for use in the compaction of cold and hot bituminous materials.
  • Monitor the construction of a flexible base (road base) and surfacing layers.
  • Monitor the disposal of surplus materials
  • Monitor site safety.


  • Producing a reinstatement design and method statement from the specifications for cold-lay and hot-lay reinstatements. Hot-lay should include laying and rolling temperatures as well as rates of spread.
  • Observation of an operative reinstating the base (road base) course and surface course layers for a Type 3/4 flexible carriageway in accordance with the specifications to confirm that they are within permitted tolerances.
  • Monitoring operatives repositioning edge restraints/kerbs and ironwork are set at the correct profiles and free from defects.
  • Recording observations made and explanations for the reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with site operations and working practices.
  • Monitoring the suitability of compaction equipment selected for the materials being used.
  • Determining any remedial action required.
  • Calculating material quantities and rates of spread for bituminous materials.
  • Provide sufficient underpinning knowledge evidence by way of oral or written questions.


Course Duration: 6.5 hours contact time i.e. one day [for very experienced operatives]
Type of Certificate: Competence based, valid for ‘5’ years
[Note: this unit is normally run in combination with other units.]
Accreditations: CGLI or CABWI or SCOTVEC

Course Enquiry:

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