Equipment Hire

Having the right equipment, in full working order with current test documentation, is an essential part of ensuring the health & safety of any workforce.

Flexible, short and long-term hire contracts to suits your needs
Working at height? In confined spaces? In need of breathing apparatus?
All your needs covered from one supplier

Hire Price List

  • Prices shown exclude VAT.
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

Equipment Type

Weekly Hire Price

Gas Detectors

3 or 4 Gas monitor (H2S, O2, CH4, CO) £49.50
Specialist monitors (e.g.: CL2,NH3) £65.00

Breathing Apparatus

Escape sets - 10 or 15 minutes £24.00
Oxygen re-breathers £25.00
Self-contained breathing apparatus set £50.00
Resuscitator £50.00
Airline trolley unit c/w 2x 9 litre 200 bar cylinders £150.00
Bandolier c/w face mask £24.00
Spare 9 litre 200 bar cylinders £10.00

Access, Egress, Fall Arrest & Rescue Equipment

Tripod £35.00
14m Recovery block £40.00
Man-riding winch £57.00
Rescue stretcher £45.00
Fall arrest/resuce harness £10.00
Safety lanyard £10.00
Safety rope £10.00

Full Safety Kit

Gas monitor, tripod, 14m recovery block, harness, 10 minute escape set £135.00


110V 120WLink lights £85.00
Cap Lamps £10.00

Inspection Equipment

Cable avoidance tool £25.00
Signal generator £25.00


Standard £15.00 each
Intrinsically safe £25.00 each

Davit System:

Counterweight davit c/w man riding winch or recovery winch.
*Add an operator for £400.00 per day (plus travel and subsistence) and get the counterweight for 150.00 per week).
Delivery/Collection £30.00 each way
Delivery/Collection & Erect/Dismantle £75.00 each way

Contract Hire Price List

  • All contract hire prices are per week rate.
  • Prices include scheduled maintenance, calibrations, deliveries & collections.
  • Prices shown exclude VAT.
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

Equipment Type




Gas Detection

Crowcon T3 (4Gas) £9.50 £6.40 £4.95
Crowcon Gas-pro (5 Gas) P.O.R. P.O.R. P.O.R.
BW Gasalertmicroclip XT £10.15 £6.90 £5.50
BW Quattro £10.90 £7.55 £5.65
BW Micro5 (5 Gas) P.O.R. P.O.R. P.O.R.
Single Gas Available P.O.R. P.O.R. P.O.R.
MSA Altair 4X £11.20 £6.50 £5.00

Escape and Full B A Sets

Sabre Elsa 2000 (Hooded) £7.20 £4.70 £3.90
Sabre Elsa Sprint (Mask) £10.20 £6.30 £5.00
Sabre Contour 300 (SCBA) £19.00 £11.00 £8.00

Tripod, F/A & Manriding

Ridgegear Tripod & Recovery Block £25.00 £14.50 £10.50
Abtech Tripod & Recovery Block £25.00 £14.50 £10.50
Ridgegear Man-Riding Winch & Tripod £34.00 £22.00 £16.00
Abtech Man-Riding Winch & Tripod £40.00 £25.00 £18.30
Ridgegear 50m Winch £20.00 £12.00 £9.30
Ridgegear 2.7m Aluminium Tripod £15.00 £8.80 £6.80
Ridgegear 15m Recovery Block £15.10 £9.80 £8.00
Abtech T03 Tripod £13.50 £8.10 £3.30
Abtech Recovery Block £15.90 £10.20 £8.30
Abtech Man-Riding Winch £29.00 £17.30 £13.40

Harness, Bosuns Chair & Stretcher

Ridgegear Fall Arrest Rescue Harness £2.10 £1.90 £1.70
Abtech Bosuns Chair £5.80 £3.70 £2.90
Shock Absorber Web Lanyard Purchase Only
Adjustable Restraint Web Lanyard Purchase Only
SAR Stretcher £8.90 £5.20 £4.00


Peli Right Angle (Rechargable) £2.90 £1.50 £1.00
Peli Head Torch (Dry Cell) Purchase Only


Entel HT952 Two Way Radio (ATEX) £9.50 £6.50 £4.50
Entel HT953 Two Way Radio (LCD & ATEX) £12.50 £7.20 £5.40
Full Safety Kit comprising of: Recovery Block. Tripod. Harness. Gas Detector (4 Gas) & Escape Set (Hooded). £40.00 £23.00 £16.50

Conditions Of Hire

1. Basis of Charging
The hirer will pay charge stated from the time stated in the contract to the time the equipment is restored to CSTS limited in clean serviceable condition.

2. Carriage Charges
Hire charges do not include carriages; any expenses incurred by CSTS Limited in delivery or collection will be paid for by the hirer. We advise that registered deliveries are used on all occasions.

3. Responsibilities Of The Hirer
a) The Hirer agrees to indemnify CSTS Limited against all costs in respect to losses and damages incurred to equipment during the hire period.

b) The Hirer undertakes that no person shall operate or use the equipment hired unless those persons are trained & competent in its use.

c) The hirer shall at all times and in all respects, indemnify CSTS Limited against any form of liability, financial loss, claims or proceedings whatsoever in respect to any injury whilst using the equipment supplied in accordance with this contract.

d) The hired equipment must be returned to CSTS Limited for any servicing or inspections required at intervals specified on the inspection labels or as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

e) All equipment must be returned to CSTS Limited within 2 working days of end of hire. Extra hire charges will be applied for all late returns.

f) It is the hirers’ responsibility to ensure that the flammable sensor of any gas monitor is bump checked before every shift. Gas can be supplied by CSTS Limited at an additional cost.

g) The signatory of the hired contract warrants that they have the authority of the Hirer and hereby agrees to the above conditions of the contract.


Extensive fleets

CSTS own several extensive hire fleets, stored and maintained in our own depots in Cheshire and North London.

Your Safety

The equipment we supply meets the requirements laid out in the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002.

Peace of mind taken care of!

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