Equipment Maintenance

Having the right equipment, in full working order with current test documentation, is an essential part of ensuring the health & safety of any workforce.

At CSTS we support a wide range of equipment for working at height, in confined spaces and with breathing apparatus and other PPE.
We are also MHRA registered suppliers of medical oxygen.

Maintenance Price List

Equipment Type



Gas Detectors

Gas monitor (standard 3/4 gas) Calibration £36.00
Specialist monitors(CL2,NH3 etc.) Calibration P.O.R

Breathing Apparatus

Escape sets - 10 or 15 minutes Annual service £20.00 + parts
MSA Re-Breathers Annual service £25.00
Self-contained breathing apparatus set Annual service £28.00 + parts
Self-contained breathing apparatus set 6 month inspection £15.00


Breathing air cylinder 200 Bar refill £4.00
Breathing air cylinder 300 Bar refill £4.25
Breathing air cylinder Hydrostatic test £20.00
Breathing air cylinder Valve service £7.50 + parts
Breathing air cylinder Refurbishment From £14.50
Medical oxygen Hydrostatic test £20.00
Medical oxygen Refill (up to 3ltr) £16.50
Medical oxygen Refill (3ltr+) £35.00

Access, Egress, Fall Arrest & Rescue Equipment

Tripod 6 Monthly service £41.00
Tripod Annual service P.O.R
Winch/recovery winch 6 Monthly service £66.00
Winch/recovery winch Annual service P.O.R
Fall arrest blocks 6 Monthly service £41.00
Fall arrest blocks Annual service P.O.R
Harness 6 Monthly & wash £14.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
Our Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

Equipment Maintenance/Inspection Schedule

The safety equipment used for confined space entries should be inspected and have a function test carried out by a competent person immediately prior to each use. In addition, the following inspections are required/recommended under various standards and legislation.

Breathing Apparatus (Full BA and Escape BA)
All breathing apparatus and respiratory equipment should be inspected on a monthly basis and serviced annually. In addition, compressed air cylinders should be tested every 5 years and the breathing apparatus sets themselves typically require additional major services/overhauls on a 5 - 12 yearly basis, depending upon manufacturer.

Airline Breathing Equipment
Air supply to breathing apparatus should be air-quality tested at least every three months and more frequent when the air supply cannot be assured; in addition mobile air supply (compressors) should be tested whenever re-sited.

Gas Detection (Portable and Fixed)
Gas detectors typically require 6 monthly calibrations.

Oxygen Resuscitators and Therapy Units
Medical oxygen carries an expiry date - check the label on your oxygen cylinder.  Cylinders will require a 5 yearly hydrostatic test and valves require a 5 yearly service.  Resuscitators and therapy units servicing schedules will vary depending upon manufacturer, although they are typically required at yearly intervals.

Lifting Equipment (Tripods, Winches, Recovery Blocks)
Manufacturers state that lifting equipment should be serviced* annually and under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998), lifting equipment used for man riding should also be inspected on a 6 monthly basis by a competent person.
* This is typically carried out by the manufacturers themselves or by our technicians in house (depending on the product) and is not to be confused with an insurance inspection.

Fall Arrest Equipment (Fall Arrest Blocks, Harnesses, Lanyards)
This type of equipment is typically inspected 6 monthly - inspection should not be confused with testing.


2 Dedicated Testing Centres

We have maintenance teams in Warrington and London, with engineers and technicians who have been formally trained to the highest standards by CSTS and the equipment manufacturers.

We can calibrate, service & repair most products on site.

Safety & Compliance

It is vital that equipment is tested and maintained to ensure that it complies with legislation and regulations (PPE regulations 2002).

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