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All of our sales include half price servicing for the first 12 months

Having the right equipment, in full working order with current test documentation, is an essential part of ensuring the health & safety of any workforce.

CSTS has close relationships with all of the leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to keep up to date with the latest developments in equipment and in technology.

Gas Detectors

Breathing Apparatus

Access & Rescue


Sales Price List

  • Prices shown exclude VAT.
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.
  • All of our sales include half price servicing for the first 12 months.

Equipment Type


Gas Detectors

BW Gas Alert Micro Clip XT (4 gas) £320.00
BW Gas Alert Quattro (4 gas) £380.00
MSA Altair 4X (4 gas) £385.00
Crowcon Tetra 4 (4 gas) £320.00
Crowcon Tetra 3 (4 gas) £320.00

Breathing Apparatus

Scott Elsa 2000 (Hood) £300.00
Scott Elsa Sprint (Mask) £390.00
Scott Contour 300 c/w 200 Bar Steel Cylinder & Mask £950.00
Scott ACSI c/w 200 Bar Steel Cylinder & Mask £890.00
Scott 6 litre 200 Bar Steel Cylinder £190.00
Scott 6.8 litre 300 Bar Carbon Fibre Cylinder £470.00
Scott Modulair c/w 30m Hose, Flite, 2x 200 Bar Cylinder & mask £2800.00
Scott Flite Banolier c/w Mask £315.00

Access, Egress, Fall Arrest & Rescue Equipment

Ridgegear RGR1 Tripod £570.00
Ridgegear RGA4 Recovery Winch £510.00
Globestock Man Riding Winch £700.00
Ridgegear RGH5 Rescue Harness £38.00
Ridgegear RGL1/1.3 Shock Absorber Lanyard (1.3m) £30.00
Ridgegear RGL12 Adjustable Restraint Lanyard (1-2m) £23.00
Ridgegear 16mm Diameter Twin Eye Rope (10-30m) From £39.00
SAR Stretcher £300.00
Bosuns Chair £205.00


Peli Right Angle Rechargeable Torch (zone 1) £155.00
Peli Dry Cell Cap Lamp (zone 0) £33.00

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We also Hire & Maintain equipment

Should your requirements be for single use or under a long-term hire contract, we can offer hire terms to suit your needs