Quality Policy

It is the Company’s stated aim to be the most successful training, support services and consultancy Company for health, safety and the environment.  To this end we will be proud to belong to our organisation, earn respect from our customers and set the highest standards possible in the areas we work.

To achieve our objectives we will be open to new ideas and welcome beneficial changes.  We respect the feelings and appreciate the needs of customers whilst at the same time being aware of our legal responsibilities and moral obligations.


Health and Safety Statement

The Company recognises its responsibilities and is committed to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to ensure so far as it is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees, others who may be affected by the Company’s activities and users of its manufactured products and premises.

The Principal Manager accepts this duty and attaches the greatest importance to these matters, considering that safety is a management responsibility at least equal to that of any other function.  The management commits to the prevention of injury and ill health, provision of a safe working environment, provision adequate financial and physical resources for health and safety, and, to continual improvement.

The Principal Manager is committed to ensuring that all Company activities comply with (or exceed) current applicable legislation and are continuously improving.  In addition the Principal Manager, Senior Management Team and SHEQ Co-ordinator keep up to date with changes to industry best practice and manufacturers’ recommendations through their extensive contacts within the industry.  To help achieve this, the Company will allocate the necessary resources and enlist the support of employees upon whom duties are also imposed by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

The Principal Manager believes that given the co-operation of the employees, it is possible to conduct operations in such a way that injury to employees and loss or damage to property can be eliminated.  To achieve this, the Company will continue to: make available safety training, instruction, information and supervision; participate in joint consultation; provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from work activities; provide safe plant and equipment, and ensure safe handling and use of substances.


Environmental Statement

The Company recognises that its activities impact upon the environment, through its routine internal operations, its development, and through its effects on the wider community.  It acknowledges a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the protection of the environment at all levels and is committed to carbon reduction.

The Company will comply fully with environmental legislation and is committed to continued efforts to:

  • Promote environmental management policies and practices at every level;
  • Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff and clients;
  • Minimise waste;
  • Prevent pollution;
  • Develop and operate environmentally sound waste management procedures;
  • Continue to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and water and to incorporate long term strategies for efficiency into planning and development;
  • To apply environmentally friendly principles to the operation of Company owned vehicles;
  • Promote a purchasing procedure which will give preference, as far as practicable, to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment, including where possible purchasing from local and sustainable sources;
  • Avoid wherever practical the use of environmentally damaging substances, materials and processes;
  • Have regard to protection of local natural habitats and preservation of biological diversity at all sites where appropriate/feasible;
  • Consider environmental factors in respect of the growth of the Company, seeking as far as is practical to reduce harmful environmental impacts;
  • Consider the purchase of ethically produced and fairly traded products where practicable;
  • Work with local, national and other agencies as appropriate to promote environmental policies.

The Company is committed to operating in a manner consistent with the establishment and sustainability of a clean and healthy environment for all.