Bonfire Night - Advice to Businesses

With Bonfire Night falling on a Monday this year, we are being advised that there is an increased risk of associated antisocial behaviour throughout the weekend.

Follow these simple steps to help protect your business:

  • Arrange for rubbish to be collected before the weekend
  • Avoid leaving waste outside over the weekend
  • Move bins away from buildings/canopies and out of sight
  • Secure external waste bins shut
  • Park vehicles away from buildings/canopies
  • Ensure your premises is secure (gates, windows and doors shut)

Also ensure that your fire risk assessment has been reviewed and is up to date and all of your usual precautions are in place:

  • Keep emergency escape routes clear
  • Store hazardous materials correctly
  • Isolate or switch off devices not required
  • Ensure smoke/fire detection devices are serviced and operational
  • Ensure alarms and sprinklers etc are serviced and operational.

For further advice feel free to contact one of our fire safety consultants via or visit our other website at