Confined Space Rescue - Keep it Simple !

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Helen Collins (Consultant for Confined Space Support Teams at CSTS) is published in the latest edition (Issue 1 / 2013) of Water & Sewerage Journal, writing on behalf of the SBWWI.

We spoke to Helen about her article,

"Having a confined space rescue team on site during an entry is not a legal requirement! That is perhaps an unusual thing for me to say, considering my colleagues offer confined space rescue services, but I believe in giving good advice and the right answers, not overselling and overcomplicating.  The Confined Space Regulations require you to assess the risks and implement emergency arrangements that are commensurate with those risks.  This may include self rescue, non entry rescue or the presence of a standby rescue team on site during your entry.  However complex your confined space entry is, I'm a firm believer in the fact that keeping methods of working and procedures simple can make the job safer." 

See Helen's article in full here. - unfortunately this link is no longer valid

Helen has worked for CSTS as an Instructor, Consultant and has regularly formed part of our on site teams providing confined space safety support for 12 years.  She and her colleagues in the Confined Space Support Teams can be contacted on 01925 244144 or