(DIET FREE ZONE) - A Piece Of Cake For CSTS Fundraiser


Now who says cake is bad for you ? Not a chance at least ....Well at least that's the view of enterprising staff at CSTS> what came next was a novel challenge to raise money for Clatterbridge Hospital, that involved the abandonment of diets and calorie counting....but hey it was for a good cause.

Charity Cake of course contains 100% of your RDA of all vitamins and minerals and is calorie free. It's also full of goodness and assists with both well-being and morale of staff...and who can argue with these facts.

Through sheer grit and determination the CSTS team, targeted to eat as many delicious fresh cakes a week they could in the name of Clatterbridge Hospital. With a small donation per cake, CSTS staff munched their way through hundreds of cakes raising nearly £600 in the process for the worthy cause. 

Although perhaps not as strenuous as other money raising challenges, CSTS MD Gordon Lyon was delighted with the commitment to the cake challenge.


If you’re going to raise money for charity it’s much easier if you can enjoy doing it.
I’m very proud of the team for raising so much money for Clatterbridge, the staff are now requesting I install a running manchine in the office as they return to a healthier regime.
— Gordon Lyon MD

Perhaps the next phase of raising money will be sponsored weight loss, but we will "Weight" until after Christmas