A Warning From Fit2Fit - Simultaneous Face Fit Testing Not Good Practice

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Following recent developments it has been brought to the attention of Fit2Fit that some fit test providers are offering clients a fit testing service that involves the face fit testing of multiple individuals utilising simultaneous assessments.

This is not appropriate as it could compromise the ability of the fit tester to accurately determine whether an individual subject has achieved a fit.  The stance of Fit2Fit is that a face fit test should be carried out by the accredited fit tester, testing one subject at a time and this is what CSTS carry out.

It is the view of Fit2Fit that multiple simultaneous test can lead to a lack of observation and control, through the process and could lead to a false pass, which as we know could leave the person exposed to substances hazardous to health.  The purpose of Fit2Fit Accreditation is to ensure the improvement of respiratory health through accurate competent face fit testing.

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