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Confined Space Management Awareness (1 Day) - Warrington

Accidents in confined spaces result in a number of fatalities every year in the workplace. The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 requires all duty holders to ensure that all work in Confined Spaces is carried out in accordance with these Regulations. The employer is responsible for ensuring that a Safe System of Work is used if entry to a Confined Space cannot be avoided. All persons involved in Confined Space must be competent to do so and properly supervised as appropriate.

This course is for managers, supervisors or other persons who will have responsibilities for personnel working in confined spaces. It will give them the background knowledge to be able to supervise or manage such operations and to ensure that personnel involved have appropriate levels of training. It will help them to appreciate the hazards and risks of confined space working and to ensure that the appropriate resources are available and being correctly used.

Course content includes:

·         Legislation and Regulations

·         Definition of a confined space & Water UK NC1-NC4 classifications

·         Specified Risks

·         Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry.

·         Hazard identification

·         Atmospheric hazards and gases

·         Principles and use of gas detectors

·         Risk Assessment

·         Safe systems of work & permits to work.

·         Roles, responsibilities and topman duties

·         Fall protection, rescue and escape breathing apparatus.

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