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CCNSG Renewal (1 day) - Warrington

The aim of the CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme refresher is designed for those who already have a CCNSG safety passport, which is still valid or has recently expired (maximum 12 weeks) to refresh and update their knowledge.
The Scheme:
In the early 1990s a consortium of major industrialists from the power generation, steel, oil, gas and chemical industries recognized the need to train their contractors in basic safety. Most were providing a site induction, some were training their contractors, but there were no common standards. Two groups, in the North East and in West Wales, working in co-operation, set out to standardize their basic safety training and devised a core curriculum, which became the foundation of a training scheme, which has grown to national proportions.

Course content includes:

·         The importance of Safe Behaviour

·         Legal framework

·         Point of work risk assessment / permit to work


The candidate has to successfully complete a 60 question multiple-choice test paper, with the question content and level set by the participating client safety experts on the CCNSG.


Pre requisite: hold the 2 day pass

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