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CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme (2 Day) - Warrington

The aim of the CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme is to ensure a basic knowledge of health and safety for all site personnel to enable them, after appropriate site induction, to work on site more safely with lower risk to themselves and others. 
The Scheme: In the early 1990s a consortium of major industrialists from the power generation, steel, oil, gas and chemical industries recognized the need to train their contractors in basic safety. Most were providing a site induction, some were training their contractors, but there were no common standards. Two groups, in the North East and in West Wales, working in co-operation, set out to standardize their basic safety training and devised a core curriculum, which became the foundation of a training scheme, which has grown to national proportions.


Course content includes:
•    Safe Behaviour at Work
•    Safe Place of Work
•    Safe Systems of Work
•    Safety Problems and Safe Solutions
There is an additional day for supervisors, which emphasizes the key role that supervisors have in securing health and safety including safety communications and risk assessments. 

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