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High Risk Confined Space (3 Day) - London

This course is about working in confined spaces which have non-standard entries and which, in consequence, makes rescue difficult. It is likely that a hazard will be present at some time during the entry. Entry may involve complex entry procedures and there will be work-specific controls and rescue arrangements. It will entail the use of self-contained open circuit breathing apparatus, specialist detection equipment, and resuscitation equipment. It will require the presence of personnel who have designated responsibilities for dealing with emergencies.


Course content includes:

·         Definition of a confined space (HSE C&G & Water UK)

·         Specified Risks

·         Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry.

·         Risk Assessment and hazard identification

·         Atmospheric hazards: gases and gas detection

·         Safe systems of work & permits to work.

·         Roles, responsibilities and topman / bottom man  duties

·         Inspection and use of  escape sets and working breathing apparatus

·         Pre use checks, correct use of fall protection equipment

·         Inspection and applications of tripods, winches and fall arrest equipment

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